How To: Make Your Own Bone Broth (the easy way)

Increase your gut health by consuming bone broth.

All you need is:
  • a slow cooker
  • strainer
  • chicken frames (1-2) OR
  • beef bones OR
  • fish bones
  • filtered water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Vegetables (optional)

You can pick up your animal frames or bones usually from either a local butcher, local markets or health food store. Call around to check beforehand though, just to make sure.

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What to do:

Before you go to bed, place your bones into the slow cooker, pour in roughly 1/5 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), and fill it up with filtered water. The ACV works to draw out the nutrients from inside the marrow and other parts of the bones that humans can’t naturally chew/access. If you’re adding vegetables, chuck them in now too! Put the lid on and heat on the highest setting for at least 2 hours. Then turn to low and go catch some zzz’s. That’s it. When you get up the next morning (leave the broth at least 12 hours), simply strain the bones from the liquid, let it cool and store for up to one week in a sealed glass jar in the fridge.

You can use bone broth’s in place of stock for a healthier alternative, or use to create you own stews or soups. You can also drink bone broth straight, or with a few veggies (no salt needed) for the same benefits. It’s totally okay to re-heat.

For me, consuming bone broth regularly has really had a positive impact on my entire wellbeing. My gut feels healthy, is no longer bloated, and can digest certain foods a lot easier. Because it’s all connected, when my gut is healthy, my skin feels healthy and my brain is active, giving me more motivation to get out there and live the best life I can!

Tip: Save your offcuts/scraps from vegetables instead of chucking them in your compost sometimes (like carrot tops, celery leaves, onions, brocolli bases, Sweet potato skins, etc), and freeze them in a clip seal bag or jar. When you go to make your broth, chuck them in with your bones and get all the left over nutrients out of your veggies too! This is a good way to save money. Plus all the best parts of the veggies are usually in the roots or parts that don’t taste too great.

If you’ve ever made broth, or thought about doing it, let me know how you go, or where you got your recipe from! I’m always looking for new tips to get the most out of all my foods. If you have thyme, leave a comment below on how bone broth makes you feel. Or tell us how often you have broth (I definitely need to increase my intake!)

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