How I Manage Recurring Glandular Fever + My Journey

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Glandular Fever, also known as Infectious Mononucleosis (or mono). I thought, it’s not that serious right? Little did I know that it was also a recurring virus that would affect me for years to come.  For those who are unaware of what Glandular Fever is, it’s an Epstein-Barr Virus that affects your glands, muscles, immune system and energy levels for up to 18 months, and can stay dormant in your system for the rest of your life. It is usually transmitted through saliva and is diagnosed by taking a blood test. Glandular Fever puts you in bed and can take from days to weeks to recover. But unfortunately, as it can stay in your system forever, it also has the ability to keep affecting you for months to years later. Or in my case, 4 years later… Continue reading “How I Manage Recurring Glandular Fever + My Journey”